"We have two high pressure rigs tied up on long term projects. I bought a LIL PUP to shoot a 1,400 square foot building and a few smaller projects. I cant believe how well this thing sprays. The finish quality of the foam is better looking that what I get with my $75,000 setup. Unbelievable!"

William  T
St. Louis, MO

"The PUP has been a real asset for our hard coating operation. Finish quality is great and works well for our needs. Thanks Dan."

Sheila R

Burbank, CA

"This thing is awesome! I've never sprayed foam before and was a bit nervous. Dan spent the time to walk me thru the start up procedure and gave me several helpful tips. Within 2 hours of setting up the unit I was spraying foam like a pro. If I can spray foam, anyone can."

Rodney P
New Orleans, LA

Tight cell structure. Really cant believe this was sprayed with low pressure! Awesome rig!

Steve V

Corpus Christie, TX

"I was told by several experts that I needed a high pressure machine. The high pressure machines I was quoted were ridiculously high and the foam contractors wanted an arm and a leg to insulate  my metal building. Glad I found out about  the LIL PUP. Mixsyn has saved me thousands of dollars. Thanks"!

Steve B
Dallas Texas 

"Sprayed my shop myself. Thanks Dan!"

Matthew L

Tampa, FL

I have customers using this unit for anything from filling the walls of ships with foam, casting large scenic rivers in clear resin, spraying foam on walls for insulation, casting urethane resin parts for the oil field industry, filling boat stringers with floatation foam and much more. The LIL PUP is one of the least expensive workhorse dispensers for these types of applications. It is very easy to set up and use. Its as close to plug and play as it gets".

Peter S

Regional Account Manager

Polyurethane manufacturer​​

"I tried the pressurized systems and was unhappy with the yield and quality of the foam. I'm so glad I found out about the LIL PUP. The machine works as advertised and the technical support is fantastic."  I had to finish a job and needed help, Dan answered my call on a weekend. He really cares about his customers.

Clyde D
Butte, MT

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